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Off-site DevOps Teams

Is your DevOps team too expensive and not doing a great job?

We can help!

Yup, we know where to dig up dirt-cheap geeks with amazing talents from around the world. Let us assemble a new team for you and turn your ideas into products for a fraction of your current cost. 

TEON specializes in building and managing off-site DevOps teams. We help businesses develop, operate, and maintain advanced technology products from mobile apps, IoT solutions to cloud infrastructures. Better yet, it only costs a fraction of your in-house team.


Who Me?

The Talented, Sexy Geeks

TEON's founder has over 30 years of experience in information technology development and implementation. We use agile methodologies to provide top-quality work and to reduce development time.

We hire top talents from around the world and pass the saving to you. Our clients generally see a 30% to 60% in saving.


We Will Do Anything


Long-Term DevOps

Save boatloads of moolah!

Need a long-term DevOps team to improve your existing products and create new ones? TEON can build and manage your perfect off-site DevOps team to ensure your long-term success.

Our clients benefit the most from our long-term DevOps teams and see the most stable product release cycles with superior cost savings.

Short-Term Project

Our empty wallets are your gain!

Just need a short-term team to create a prototype or to complete a small project? We can help, too.  TEON can put together a short-term engineering team and manage your project so that you can stay focus on your business.

We will do an excellent job and try to convert you to a long-term client so that we can continue to feed our under-paid but talented geeks.


Still Not Convinced?

Ever wonder how these BFGs (Big Friendly Giants) save millions of dollars in DevOps?

Large corporations outsource at least some DevOps to save costs. It used to be a privilege for the big boys, but now you can get the same benefits from TEON. Tell us what you need, and we will tailor-made a solution for you.

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