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Online Security

Security Made Easy

Technology has changed our lives. It’s made our lives more convenient. We can shop for pretty much anything under the sun, order food, talk to loved ones, and even be treated by a doctor, all over the internet. While tech advances have incredible advantages, like everything else, it also comes with a slew of disadvantages. Hackers are waiting to gain access to your personal information. Malicious online behavior is nothing new, and the hackers are only getting smarter. That’s why data security is so important.

Teon incorporates security in all of our solutions and makes it accessible to everyone. User privacy and online security are our top priorities. 

Internet Freedom

The Driving Force Behind Internet Freedom

Internet is a network of privately owned computers and network devices, which can be censored and monitored by private companies and governments. 

Since 2015, Teon has provided app development, infrastructure support, and technical training to tool developers in the Internet freedom community. Our technology has enabled millions of Internet users in authoritarian countries to access the unfettered Internet safely amid heavy Internet censorship. 

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The Teon Team

Experience + Passion

Teon's key founder has worked with online security and anti-censorship technologies and since 2002. Our technology team consists of highly qualified engineers in networking, security, and application development.

The Teon team is passionate in creating technologies that are secure and simple to use. We pride ourselves on creating online security and circumvention technologies that can defeat even the fiercest authoritarian governments' Internet censorship.

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Intelligent Secure Tunneling

Secure + Disguise

Although traditional VPN technology is widely used to secure online communication, it fails to circumvent Internet censorship due to its distinct network fingerprints. Censors can quickly identify VPN traffic, tear down connections, or block VPN servers.

We need a more intelligent tunneling technology to circumvent modern Internet censorship effectively. Teon's Intelligent Secure Tunneling technology allows tunnel traffic to disguise as ordinary network services that the censors will not block. In 2022, our technology has enabled millions of Russian Internet users to circumvent Russia's censorship and access the unfettered Internet.

Smart Blocking Recovery

The Back-Up Plans

Teon's Intelligent Secure Tunneling is awesome in transporting data in and out of Internet iron curtains. However, censors may still be able to find some of our tunneling servers and block them. Teon's Smart Blocking Recovery technology enables our apps to locate and connect to other available servers and change configurations on-the-fly. This technology ensures that users will always be able to reconnect to our servers even when blocking occurs.

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Who benefits from our technologies?

Organizations that use our technologies have given millions of Internet users in authoritarian countries powerful tools to circumvent Internet censorship and access to the unfettered Internet.

Scholars, activists, ex-pats, foreign visitors, and ordinary citizens in authoritarian countries use our technologies to access censored news, social media, political, and entertainment websites. The free flow of information gives these users a glimpse of the free world and, more importantly, an opportunity to learn the truths behind their governments' propaganda.

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Want to talk to us?

Feel free to contact us if you need us to build circumvention apps, provide infrastructure support, train your engineers, or simply wish to talk to us.

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